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Holidays for Dogs, Cats, Birds and other small animals.

Open all year round. No extra charges for bank holidays.


Our cat units are split level, have piped music throughout, and a wall for the cats to sit on. We also have a window at the back for them to sunbathe. We have 2 types of units, indoor only and units which are indoor and also have a large outdoor unit. The units are light and airy with triple security to ensure that your beloved cat is there for you when you get home.

The building is a brick building which is insulated to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer. The cattery is heated all year round to ensure your cat is as comfortable and cosy as possible.

We feed all well know dry, tinned or pouched cat food. However if you cat is a fussy eater or has medical food requirements you can bring your own food.

Our cattery units with an outdoor run have a tree for your cat to play and climb to keep them occupied. Cat scratch posts and toys are supplied, however, if your cat has a special toy you are more than welcome to bring it along to help settle them.

Persians and long haired breeds are kept in the condition they come into the cattery i.e. if they are brushed we continue to brush them.

All cat units are cleaned daily and thoroughly and are disinfected prior to new boarders arriving.
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