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Holidays for Dogs, Cats, Birds and other small animals.

Open all year round. No extra charges for bank holidays.

Small Dog i.e. Jack Russel                  £10.50 per day
Medium Dog i.e. Labrador                   £11.50 per day
Large Dog i.e. Rottweiler, Bullmastiff   £12.50 per day
2 Small Dogs together                         £16.00 per day
1 Small & 1 Medium Dog together        £16.50 per day
2 Medium Dogs together                      £18.00 per day
2 Large Dogs together                         £20.50 per day

You can now upgrade to a double kennel, for just £5 extra a day!
For our Extra large family unit, prices are available on request.

The above prices include food, insurance and one walk. Additional afternoon walks £2.50 per session.   


1 Cat                                £8.00 per day
2 Cats sharing                   £12.50 per day

Special Outdoor Run Units
1 Cat                                 £9.50 per day
2 Cats sharing                    £15.50 per day
3 Cats sharing                    £16.50 per day

Above prices include food and insurance. All dogs and cats are covered on a 5* policy. Should there be any signs that your pet is unwell, we do not hesitate to take them to the vet, be it ours or yours, getting them checked and treated if necessary.

Other Services are available

Bathing Facilities - Have your dog bathed on the day of departure - Starting from £10.50

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