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Times for dropping and collecting animals.
Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday 10am - 2pm. Other times by arrangement.
For safety cats should arrive in a suitable carrier and dogs on a lead.

Owners warrant that any pet(s) left for boarding are Fit, Sound and Healthy (or that the kennels are aware of any existing condition) and furthermore authorise kennel management to contact the appropriate veterinary practice regarding existing medical conditions or to confirm vaccination details.

Owners accept that in the event of any actual, or suspected injury or illness (in the opinion of Kennel Management) the services of a qualified veterinary surgeon may be sought. Consultation costs, if proven to be unfounded, will be met by the Kennels, however, owners will always remain liable for any treatment costs.

Dog owners confirm that pets have been inoculated against Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptosprosis and Kennel Cough prior to commencement of boarding. (Owners should ensure that their pets have been wormed before boarding)
Cat owners confirm that pets have been fully inoculated against Feline Flu & Enteritis prior to commencement of boarding.

IMPORTANT: Valid veterinary certificates must be produced for inspection by kennel staff or up to date vaccination records established prior to any pet being admitted into the kennels. (Animals without up to date valid Certificates will be refused entry)

Boarding rates (daily):
Please contact us for our latest boarding rates: e-mail contact@keeperskennels.co.uk or telephone 0161 799 7203
Owners must settle their accounts in full before the return of any pet.
In the event of cancellation less than 14 days prior to arrival, or owners collecting their pets on an earlier date, Keepers Kennels reserve the right to charge 50% of the full boarding fee.

Keepers Kennels reserve the right to re-home any animal not collected within 28 days of the agreed collection date unless prior agreement has been reached. (Although every effort will be made to come to a reasonable arrangement prior to taking this action as a last resort.)

Owners will remain liable for full boarding fees up to such time as the animal has been successfully re-homed or collected by its owner.

How to book:
Contact: Hayley Keepers Kennels | Boarding Kennels and Cattery Keepers Cottage,
Vicars Hall Lane, Boothstown, Worsley, Manchester. M28 1JA
Telephone: 0161 799 7203
E-mail: contact@keeperskennels.co.uk
Holidays for Dogs, Cats, Birds and other small animals.

Open all year round. No extra charges for bank holidays.
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